Coke ended Liverpool's final hopes and Twitter resoponded with some terrible dad jokes

Liverpool fans were feeling humourless after watching their side throw away a half-time lead to lose the Europa League final 3-1.

So was Twitter. It was really humourless.

Sevilla captain Coke struck twice after Kevin Gameiro's equaliser and that was apparently the cue for everyone on Twitter to stink out the place with the type of gags that not even your dad would be proud of.

Twitter just couldn't help itself.

The thing is, they probably weren't even the worst of it.

When Gameiro equalised 17 seconds after half-time - Daniel Sturridge had hit a dreamy goal to go ahead - this got trotted out not once, but twice.

The jokes got so bad people felt the need to step in.

Others started playing along with bad gags of their own...and they sort of got better for it.

This did the rounds.

There were some good moments and when Sturridge smashed in his opener, a curling effort with the outside of his boot, Reds fans were unanimous in their joy.

Sturridge's goal at least served to show that England have a man in form and ready to score goals on the big stage.

Liverpool fans are probably not thinking about Euro 2016 just now though.

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