Aston Villa fans are finally happy again as Randy Lerner says goodbye


After a season to forget, Aston Villa fans finally found something to cheer about - owner Randy Lerner is selling the club.

Lerner had become the point of Villa fans' anger in recent seasons that culminated in the Birmingham club being relegated from the Premier League.

The Villa owner had been looking for a buyer for some time, and the news is that he has agreed a deal with the Chinese Recon Group, owned by Tony Jiantong Xia. It's fair to say Villa fans were pretty happy about it.

Lerner's reputation at Villa has long been sullied, but reports suggest his bank balance has also taken a hit after a cut-price deal.

Not all fans were leaping for joy, although this was about as measured as the Villa fans got.

With the new owners set to move in, subject to Premier League and Football League approval, attention quickly turned to who might take over as manager with the position vacant.

Most Villa fans were just happy to be dreaming again, though.