ICC rejects Perera compensation claims


The ICC has denied reports it has been approached by Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) for compensation in relation to Kusal Perera's recent suspension.

Perera was suspended by world cricket's governing body last December after a WADA-accredited laboratory in Qatar reported he had tested positive for 19-Norandrostenedione, a prohibited anabolic steroid.

The same substance was confirmed to be present in B samples provided by the player however, after lawyers questioned the results, an independent review was commissioned.

That review led to the laboratory withdrawing its original finding, stating there was no evidence the player had ever used performance-enhancing drugs.

As a result, Perera's ban was lifted and some reports had suggested the SLC would look for recompense given the batsman missed the World Twenty20.

However, the governing body have rejected those claims, tweeting: "ICC confirms it has not received any request for compensation from @OfficialSLC or Mr Perera and it has not agreed to any reimbursement."