Stormzy and David Beckham linked up to launch Manchester United's new away kit


Is it any wonder Adidas just enjoyed their most successful year ever when they have on their roster the likes of Stormzy and David Beckham?

Becks has long been paired with Adidas in the public's collective consciousness, after advertising the brand's classic Predator boots back in the late 90s and launching his own pair not long after. Stormzy is now pretty much Mr Adidas too, flying out to Tokyo recently to link with Nigo and seemingly never wearing another brand.

The pair linked at Adidas' new Oxford Street store, just opened, to launch the new "collegiate blue" kit.

Stormzy's Snapchat showed him interviewing Beckham - a video we're likely to see soon on the Adidas YouTube channel - while both took part in a Q&A with Copa 90´s Poet and Vuj in front of fans.

And despite his name being just as big as Beckham's across the UK right now, he still took time to fan boy.

David Beckham's signature on Stormzy shirt

It had been a long day for Stormzy, whose album is expected some time soon, as he'd only just returned from New York. Typical of the man though, he was full of thanks.