This has got to be one of the worst disallowed goal decisions ever

Imagine scoring a 40-yard screamer to almost certainly save your club from relegation, only for the referee to chalk it off because he didn't see it.

Joe Noblet's wonder-strike for Squires Gate in the North West Counties League Premier Division at the weekend was ruled out after the ball didn't just edge past the goal-line, it went so far into the net that it hit the fence behind it.

And that's seemingly where the problem arose as the ball bounced back into play to fool the referee who waved play on much to the bemusement of Noblet and his team.

The goalkeeper's reaction was a pretty good indicator that it was a goal, but it at least did not prove a costly moment for Gate as they ended up winning the game against Ashton Athletic 2-0 - which ensured they stayed up - while Noblet scored a late tap-in.

And the player will at least have record of his stunning goal thanks to the handily-placed camera that captured his goal that never was and was posted on TheMarkAshmore YouTube channel and the club's website.

There have been plenty of cases of disallowed goals in the past - step forward Frank Lampard at the 2010 World Cup - and Noblet's strike gives us an excuse to trot out the Stefan Kiessling 'ghost goal' for Bayer Leverkusen a few years ago.

We still can't explain what happened there.

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