Stewart-Haas aiming to get Grosjean in NASCAR


Formula One driver Romain Grosjean could make his debut in NASCAR as early as this year, according to Haas chief operating officer Joe Custer.

Grosjean made the switch from Lotus to Haas in the off-season, guiding the team to sixth place in their debut race in Australia. 

The Frenchman followed it up with a fifth-place finish in Bahrain, while he also finished in the points last time out in Russia to move up to seventh in the F1 drivers' standings. 

The call for Grosjean to appear in NASCAR with the Stewart-Haas team has been floated before, however it could become a reality sooner rather than later. 

"It's definitely on our wish list," Custer told "We just have to make it work - whether it be this year, next year, whenever that is. We're not sure.

"There would be nothing more interesting than a current F1 driver having a good run in a NASCAR race. I think that would be good for everybody. It would drive more interest."

Custer said the team would have to evaluate a lot of different factors, with Grosjean adamant his debut must be on a road course rather than an oval track.

"[Grosjean] has made it clear that he wouldn't want his debut to be on an oval - where he's never done it before. There's so much going on," he added.

"We have to figure out the testing opportunities and all the things that would make it a success.

"That would be our first approach - it is to evaluate what would make this a successful event with sponsors and get everything else aligned right. That takes time."