Sutter has offer on table, says Kings GM


Los Angeles Kings general manager Dean Lombardi said two-time NHL Stanley Cup-winning coach Darryl Sutter has a contract offer on the table, though it remains to be seen whether he accepts it.

Sutter, who guided the Kings to glory in 2012 and 2014, is out of contract after the Los Angeles franchise lost to the San Jose Sharks in the first round of the this season's Western Conference play-offs.

Los Angeles missed the post-season in 2014-15.

The Kings want Sutter to prolong his stay but the 57-year-old - who arrived in 2011 - is still weighing up his options.

"Darryl has an offer on the table," Lombardi said on Friday. "But I don't think this is about money.

"I think this is 'OK, are we ready to do this?' Because there's going to be a lot of work, and just like building it in the past, you have to stick with some tough times.

"Like I said, we're not going back to there, but make no mistake, for us to get this back on track, there are going to be some minor punches in the gut, too, as we fight our way through.

"I think he's comfortable with what's there. I think it's very fair, but just like when he came here, and just like when his last contract was up, you and everybody else [asked], 'does he really want to do it?'.

"But I think it's a little different now because of where we're at. It's a different challenge, just like I said that I have to adapt. Players have to adapt. Coaches have got to adapt. Scouts have got to adapt. It's a smart thing."