Sebastian Vettel turned the air blue after another crash with Daniil Kvyat


Sebastian Vettel let rip with an expletive-riddled rant that TV viewers around the world heard after he crashed out of the Russian Grand Prix on the very first lap.

The four-time world champion did not hold back as his growing rivalry with Daniil Kvyat was stoked up yet further when the young Russian thumped into the back of him at the second turn.

The force of the impact sent Vettel's car spinning into the wall and the German headlong into a rage - he drops the f-bomb five times - that the Ferrari team radio captured and was broadcast to millions of viewers.

Vettel labelled Kvyat a "mad man" in a toe-curling face-to-face exchange at the previous race in China, and their relationship isn't going to get better any time soon after this crash.

The pressure on Kvyat was certainly apparent when he spoke to the media where he admitted he thought "the whole paddock will want an apology off me".

The clearly fired-up 22-year-old stormed off from the interview, but not before ending it by saying: "It's easy to attack me. Go on, attack me. No problem. Go."

We're looking forward to the next race in Spain in a fortnight.