The Arsenal fan protest wasn't that convincing and Twitter thought it was pretty funny


No-one was really taking a protest by Arsenal fans calling for change at their club seriously.

There's no doubting that Arsenal fans have grown weary after a 12th season without winning the Premier League title, but if they were looking to send a message the only thing loud and clear was that they're not really sure what should happen next.

Arsenal fan protest
(John Walton/PA)

The crowd against Norwich was sprinkled with fans holding up A3 sheets of card that read "Time For Change", and there were also fans outside the Emirates beforehand calling for manager Arsene Wenger and, or, the owners to move on.

The problem was, it seemed as though there are just as many fans who aren't that fussed.

The plan amongst disgruntled Arsenal fans was to vent their anger in the 12th and 78th minutes by lifting their little A3 sheets.

Arsenal protest card
(Tom Allnutt/PA)

And even though the Emirates was again hardly full, they were easily outnumbered.

Arsenal fan protest
( John Walton/PA)

Twitter certainly wasn't convinced. In fact, most people found it quite funny.

The Gunners' performance on the pitch was as half-hearted as the protest off it, until the hour-mark when Wenger turned to Danny Welbeck and he promptly scored the only goal of the game.

Perhaps if Arsenal fans need some pointers on protests they should look to Blackpool, who made their feelings about their owners very clear.