Lewis Hamilton has quoted Anchorman to turn down a fight with another F1 driver


Lewis Hamilton isn't interested in Daniel Ricciardo's playful invite for them to get it on in a boxing charity match - because he's too pretty.

Ricciardo, who drives for Red Bull, posted a video to his Instagram account prior to this week's Russian Grand Prix in which he took part in some pad work with his trainer.

In the post the Australian challenged Hamilton, a close friend, to a charity fight.

"Would love to do this more often," Red Bull driver Ricciardo wrote.

"Great training and just good fun. Trying to improve my skills before hopefully a charity match at the end of the year."

Ricciardo, who signed off the post with a winky face, added: "I've asked Lewis. Hopefully he can be convinced."

Lewis Hamilton
(Patrick McMullan/AP/PA)

As endearing as the request might have been, Hamilton was having none of it as he dropped an Anchorman reference to make his point.

"Have you seen Anchorman?" Hamilton said. "It is all about their face and their hair. They are all about to fight the different TV groups and they are like 'rule number one: no touching of the face or the hair'."

Pointing to his face, the smiling Briton added: "So, why the hell am I going to risk this? It is helping me a lot with the ladies. I quite like my face the way it is.

"Fighting someone you don't like is easy, but I like Daniel so there is no reason to fight him. I'd rather just give the money to charity."