Chris Kamara's TV bloopers have gone worldwide and he's getting recognised wherever he goes

At 3pm every Saturday millions of football fans across the country sit in front of their TVs and watch a bunch of ex-footballers watching a match that we can't see.

It's an absurdly entertaining process - sort of like football's Gogglebox - as ex-pros grapple with their vocabulary and mixed football cliches to offer an insight people can't seem to get enough of.

In a modern world where information is everywhere and anywhere it is a blow back to another time.

Just why it works is probably a trick of the TV Gods and owes much to head presenter Jeff Stelling's ability to glue the madness together with his encyclopedic knowledge.

The star of the show is, however, without doubt Chris Kamara who has made his name - probably unfairly - for a string of bloopers that the internet can't get enough of.

You only need to go onto YouTube to see how popular Kamara's blundering from football grounds across the country has become.

In fact, his appeal is so widespread that he has gone global, as the 58-year-old revealed after he went on holiday to America following *that* live cross to Fratton Park in 2010.

Chris kamara and Derby manager Darren Wassall
(Daniel Hambury/EMPICS Sport)

"It was quite surreal. Me and my wife went on holiday to America and the security was really tight in the airport," said Kamara, speaking as part of Carlsberg's UEFA EURO 2016(TM) 'If Carlsberg Did Substitutions' campaign.

"And the security officer that was letting us go through to Los Angeles kept looking at my photo and then he said, "I know you don't I?" And I said "Do ya?" and he said "You're the guy with the bloopers" [laughs]. So my wife said "crikey, we can't even come over here".

"So that was good. If you look back at turning points in your career, I suppose that was one of them."

Just about every football fan has seen Kamara's most famous moment - when Stelling cues him up after a red card at his game in Portsmouth only for him to blankly reply: "I don't know Jeff, has there?'

After much mirth and cackles of laughter in the studio it was eventually confirmed, not thanks to a grinning Kamara - that Pompey defender Anthony Vanden Borre had been sent off.

So how does Kamara explain away a moment that he admits has probably ended up helping his career.

"It was strange really because we weren't allowed on the gantry that day," he said.

"It was raining, so I didn't have a monitor, and we were standing in a walkway. They took an eternity to come to me.

Anthony Vanden Borre gets sent off
(Chris Ison/PA)

"Carly Bassett, my old manager Dave Bassett's daughter, she's the link between me and Jeff, and she must've said four times that Jeff was coming to me and he didn't.

"I was looking over my shoulder and I did actually see Anthony Vanden Borre walk straight off. He was different to normal footballers who get sent off, certainly British footballers who get sent off and argue with the referee or whatever.

"He knew he'd already been booked so as he did the deliberate handball he just walked. And I could see Avram Grant on the touchline so I presumed Avram was making a substitution.

"It was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me but at the time I got in trouble for it. Yeah. I got in trouble for it.

Jeff Stelling
(Daniel Hambury/EMPICS Sport)

"The director of the game Karen Wilmington said to me you've got to watch the match and so afterwards I thought 'ah gutted', really, even though I'd heard the lads laughing in the studio.

"I phoned the producer and the producer said to me "you can just about get away with it", until the next day when Fox Sports got on to me, Dutch radio, Italian TV.

"They were queuing up. So from being the villain Sky was getting all this free publicity."

In spite of his on-air gaffes, Kamara's deep knowledge of the game remains much appreciated following a career that took him around the country as a player and a manager.

Chris Kamara
(Sean Dempsey/PA)

His TV career has since blossomed and in his latest venture he has teamed with Carlsberg in a video where he hides his identity as an old man and ventures onto the Tube.

Kamara hands out Euro 2016 tickets to commuters who give up their seat for him before revealing his true identity.

You can follow @CarlsbergUK or visit to discover how Carlsberg will be substituting the ordinary for the extraordinary for England fans in the build up to the tournament.

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