There cannot be two coaches of Inter - Mancini


Roberto Mancini insists there cannot be two coaches of Inter after Diego Simeone hinted the Serie A is a preferred destination for his next managerial job.

Simeone, who played for Inter between 1997 and 1997, suggested he would be interested in coaching the Italian club after he leaves Atletico Madrid. 

Mancini said he would be happy to see Simeone take over at Inter, but not until he is finished at the club.

"Diego was one of my team-mates at Lazio and I also coached him," the Italian told Premium Sport.

"If one day he'll join Inter I'll be happy, but there can't be two coaches now. 

"We'll see when I'll leave."

Mancini also responded to rumours he is one of the favourites to take over from Chelsea-bound Antonio Conte as Italy national team boss.

"Becoming Italy national team coach is not something that happens every day," he said.

"It is a different job, but it can be as exciting and stimulating. I think that when one is offered the national team job he has to accept, if there is a chance."