Newton: I let my family and fans down at Super Bowl


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton acknowledges that he let his fans and family down with his petulant press conference after suffering defeat in Super Bowl 50.

The Panthers were beaten 24-10 by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in California despite going into the match as favourites after NFL MVP Newton had led them to a 15-1 season.

Despite their confidence going into the game, a brilliant defensive performance from the Broncos, led by Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, left Ron Rivera's men frustrated.

Newton's post-match press conference - when he opted to sit with his hood up and provide a few brief answers before storming out - attracted much criticism. 

The 26-year-old initially defended his actions and insisted he was proud of being a sore loser, but with time having passed since the February defeat, is now in a more reflective mood.

"The truth is, I represent something way bigger than myself," Newton told Ebony Magazine. "I'm doing it for [my fans and family] and I felt like I let them down.

"I just wasn't ready to talk. Was I mad? Hell, yeah! But there could have been a better way to control it, and that's why I think having more time would have helped."

Newton, though, feels the majority of those who have criticised him do not understand the stress involved with playing and losing such a huge global event.

He added: "Who is anyone to tell me, 'man, it's just an interview'. You haven't been in that situation. You didn't have millions of people watching you. 

"Your heart wasn't pumping [with] the embarrassment or the anxiety of the stress of dealing with that type of game."