7 rants to rival Kevin Keegan on the 20th anniversary of his 'love it' meltdown

Twenty years after Kevin Keegan's infamous post-match rant at Alex Ferguson, we look at seven other post-match moments in which sportsmen have lost their cool:

1. Ian Millward (2003)

 Ian Millward
(Gareth Copley/PA)

The St Helens coach was left raging after his side picked up several serious injuries in a Super League win over Hull KR in 2003. Repeatedly refusing to elaborate on the nature of the injuries, Millward employed the f-word 32 times in his brief post-match media interview, summing up the situation by insisting: "They're all f*****."

2. Mike Tyson (2000)

Mike Tyson
( Ben Curtis/PA)

Tyson took just 38 seconds to dispatch Lou Savarese at Hampden Park in Glasgow and saved the rest of his fury for a brief post-fight interview, in which he vowed to cause all manner of damage to his rival Lennox Lewis. "Lennox Lewis - I'm coming for you," Tyson snarled into the camera. "I want your heart. I want to eat his children."

3. Jim McLean (2000)

Former Dundee United chairman Jim McLean

The notoriously surly Dundee United chairman was forced to resign from his post after punching reporter John Barnes during a post-match TV interview. Quizzed about the future of manager Alex Smith, McLean swore, refused to answer the question and promptly hurled a right hand which left Barnes with a cut lip.

4. Alex Higgins (1990)

Alex Higgins shouts at the crowd in Sheffield

After losing his first-round match to Steve James at the World Championship, a plainly inebriated Higgins punched a snooker official in the stomach before ill-advisedly staging a press conference in which he announced his retirement, insisting: "You can shove your snooker up your jacksie - I ain't playing no more."

5. David Lloyd (1996)

David Lloyd
(Croft Malcolm Croft/PA)

England coach David Lloyd went on an unlikely offensive after England began their brief tour of Zimbabwe with an inauspicious draw in Bulawayo. "We flipping murdered them," insisted Lloyd. "We got on top and steamrollered them. One more ball and we'd have walked it. We murdered them and they know it."

6. Ayrton Senna (1988)

Ayrton Senna
(Barbara Walton/AP/PA)

Senna grew increasingly frustrated during an interview with Jackie Stewart, who accused him of deliberately running rival Alain Prost off the track in order to win his first world drivers' championship. "I find it amazing for you to make such a question, Stewart," Senna responded, before vowing never to speak to his interviewer again.

7. Ron Atkinson (1996)

Ron Atkinson
(Laurence Griffiths/EMPICS Sport)

Coventry boss Atkinson was in no mood to put up with Richard Keys' questions after his side's 1-0 defeat at Southampton. In a 36-second interview, Atkinson told the panel to "sit there and play with all your silly machines", before tearing off his headphones and hurling them at an unsuspecting producer off-camera.

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