5 things to make it sound like you know what's going on with the NFL Draft


The NFL Draft begins in Chicago on Thursday night and there's plenty of intrigue after some monster trades have seen the first two picks change hands.

In true American style it is a glitz and glamour affair - it's going to take three days! - as the best young talent is spread across the league. There will be plenty said and done in that time so we've sifted down to five key talking points to look out for.

1. Carson Wentz or Jared Goff at pick one

Carson Wentz
(Kiichiro Sato/AP/PA)

One of these two quarterbacks is pretty much certain to be selected at pick one by the Los Angeles Rams. The question is, which one? The Rams traded with Tennessee Titans to grab the top choice and they need a quarterback to be the face of the franchise after deciding to move back to California next season. Wentz has been widely touted as the man to go first, but Goff had long been considered the best quarterback in the draft. Perhaps even more enticing for the Rams is that Goff is a Californian. Whoever missed out isn't likely to be waiting long for their name to be read out. That's because the Philadelphia Eagles traded up to the second choice - a move that has not gone down well with their starting quarterback Sam Bradford.

2. There will be trades done, lots of them

The draft order will change. That is one given of the draft, especially since it was made a three-day affair. The first day can set the tone for what is to come as teams start to reveal their hands as they look to move up the draft board. With the first two picks now almost certainly going to be quarterbacks - which is surprisingly unusual - that could create some panic among other teams who need a quarterback. They could be more inclined to trade to get a better first-round pick and get in front of other franchises they think want the quarterback they need. It can be a risky strategy.

3. Denver's title defence might rest on these three days

Peyton manning with the Super Bowl trophy
(Matt York/AP/PA)

While the pre-draft hype has centred on the first two picks, just what the Super Bowl champions will do with the final pick of the first day, at number 31, has created a load of talk. That's because they need a quarterback, badly. Future Hall-of-Famer Peyton Manning retired after the Super Bowl and then the man they were grooming as his replacement, Brock Osweiler, jumped ship when Houston Texans flashed a load of cash. Denver have since signed veteran Mark Sanchez, although he's prone to calamity, while talks to get San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick have amounted to nothing. Denver have said they are calm about the situation, but that might all change if the draft doesn't go their way. Their title defence could be over before it starts if things don't go well in Chicago.

4. Watch the green room

Aaron Rodgers
(Rick Scuteri/AP/PA)

An NFL Draft tradition is to get the top prospects to wait for their name to be called out alongside the theatre stage in the "green room". This idea has not always gone down well. For the first few picks it's fine. For those further down the draft board it can be a slightly humiliating affair. Think of the kid at school who was last picked...only in front of a worldwide TV audience. No-one wants to be the last guy in that room. Aaron Rodgers famously had to wait and wait and wait to be called in 2005 - he finally went at pick 24 - while Geno Smith threatened not to return after he was not picked in the first round a couple of years ago.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars to announce pick in London

George Bedford announces a 2015 draft pick for Jacksonville
(Daniel Hambury/PA)

The Jaguars have been fostering a link with London in recent seasons, most significantly in playing matches over here. Last year they took the draft outside of the US for the first time when they got UK fan George Bedford to announce their sixth and seventh-round selections from the capital. They'll do the same again this year with their fifth pick. The fan will make the announcement alongside Jacksonville's defensive tackle Michael Bennett, who had his name read out by Bedford last year.