Leicester fan secures right to name his unborn daughter 'Vardy'


Leicester striker Jamie Vardy's is now officially having such a good season that people want to name their kids after him.

A lifelong Foxes fan has convinced his partner to name their unborn daughter in homage to the England striker.

Fan Ashley Marriott came up with the idea shortly after finding out he was going to be a father again and after telling his partner - who is a Spurs fan! - she told him he would get his wish if he got 5,000 signatures in an on-line petition.

Petition for Leicester fan to name his unborn daughter vardy
(change.org/Ashley Marriott screengrab)

A couple of months later and here we are. More than 5,000 signature and counting.

Baby Vardy is due on June 19, which is Father's Day, although Marriott's partner did have the foresight to make sure the Vardy would *only* be their daughter's middle name.

We wait to find out what her first name will be - Jamie is a unisex option after all - and if Vardy is firing England to Euro 2016 glory when baby is born, then who knows?