Barrichello: I don't remember carrying Senna's coffin


Former Formula One driver Rubens Barrichello revealed he has no recollection of being one of the pall bearers for Ayrton Senna's funeral in 1994. 

Three-time F1 world champion Senna was killed during the Imola Grand Prix in San Marino, just two days after Barrichello suffered a severe concussion in Friday practice. 

Barrichello, 21 at the time, lost sudden control of his car in the Variante Bassa chicane, catching an outside kerb at over 140mph, which immediately launched him into the air. 

The resulting concussion meant the Brazilian was left with gaping holes in his memory for a month, including Senna's funeral where he was in the second row of the coffin carriers behind Gerhard Berger and Emerson Fittipaldi.

"I don't remember my crash at Imola," Barrichello told Fox Sports. "I was trying to make my name. I thought I could do that, and tried. But my car didn't physically support what I thought was possible. And I had a huge crash.

"I came back to Sao Paulo, Ayrton Senna had died - and even God was good to me because I had a certain amnesia. For a month, I forgot many things.

"I do not remember carrying Ayrton's coffin. I do not remember. I see the pictures, but I don't remember."

Barrichello was back in the car for the following race in Monaco, before going on to secure 68 podiums including 11 wins in a 19-year career. 

He added: "I remember asking myself then, 'Now what? Will you be afraid to get into a car? Oh, you will not be afraid, will you?'

"Then I decided in my mind: I will go and in my first fast lap I'll be a maniac. I'm will take another big crash at the same level, or I will beat my personal track record.

"And thank God I beat my personal track record. That's when I decided that was what I wanted to do."