Literally everything Dana White tweets gets an angry response from Conor McGregor fans


With Conor McGregor officially unretired, fans are desperate to see his rematch with Nate Diaz back on the bill at UFC 200.

UFC supremo Dana White kicked the Irishman off the card because of his refusal to join in with publicity for the fight - McGregor wants to stay at his training base in Iceland rather than fly to Las Vegas.

So fans are in no doubt that the villain of the piece is White - and they're letting him know about it with every tweet he sends.

Tweets promoting other fights obviously got the treatment.

Tweets about a new episode of The Ultimate Fighter went the same way.

And of course a message about that press conference in Vegas was greeted with disdain from the McGregor army.

A message about floods in Houston also got the treatment.

White couldn't even pay tribute to Prince without getting slightly poor taste but admittedly quite clever McGregor-themed responses.

The fans are making themselves heard - but will McGregor get himself back on the bill?