Curry expects to play game four against Rockets


Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry expects to return to action on Sunday for game four against the Houston Rockets.

Curry told a news conference he wanted to play in Thursday's 97-96 loss against the Rockets despite an ankle injury, but Warriors coach Steve Kerr said it was not worth the risk.

But the reigning NBA MVP thinks he is ready for a return, having missed the past two games as the Warriors opened up a 2-1 series lead.

"It was their call," Curry said on Friday, via ESPN.

"If I would have got the green light I definitely would have played and felt confident there. Hopefully that leads to even more confidence come Sunday."

Curry said he would be "very" surprised if anyone tried to sit him for Sunday's contest.

With that said, Curry said he is still struggling during full-speed drills and he is not quite pain-free.

Curry also said his explosion and change of direction are "awful", which is why the training and coaching staff have differing opinions on his playing status.

"I'm sure coach and the athletic training staff are on similar wavelengths of being more on the cautions side, obviously," Curry said.

"I've been pretty honest about just how I feel, making sure I don't do anything to damage my ankle even further, put myself in a bad position... We want to get a proper feedback and not hide things.

"I think I could play through a little bit of discomfort and what-not, especially in a play-off kind of situation. They have kind of the thought if there is any ounce of instability or doubt, to be on the more cautious side."