AC Milan have done the haka and football is dead

Less scary, more macarena. That's our verdict on AC Milan's attempt at the haka.

There are so many layers to this - so let's dive in, shall we?

First and most importantly, is it OK for AC Milan to appropriate a serious cultural custom from New Zealand, for essentially what is a bit of a laugh? People will have very differing opinions on this, but when any All Blacks team performs the haka it feels like it really means something. Their passion isn't faked and they probably know the history of the Maori people's ancestral war dance. Do these people?

But the plot thickens. Those weren't even real AC Milan players.

Has it clicked yet, why this historic club suddenly decided to perform a haka before a game? And against 17th place Carpi, no less?

Pay attention to the hashtags. It's an advertising campaign for Nivea.

Needless to say, this was too much for some people. Can anything symbolise modern football better than a once great football club performing on the pitch pre-match as part of an advertising campaign for a men's skin cream?

Some people find it sad, some people find it funny.

But everyone agrees this is Not A Good Thing.

What would these great men think?

AC Milan's Paolo Maldini (centre) lifts the trophy as his side celebrate victory.
(Martin Rickett/PA)

For shame.

Let's just hope Adam Lallana and his friends at Liverpool aren't roped in to do the next one.

Adam Lallana in a Nivea YouTube advert
(Nivea Men UK/YouTube)

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