Djokovic does not share Murray's doping concerns


Novak Djokovic does not share the concerns of Andy Murray over doping in tennis, but says the world number two did not mean anything personal by his controversial comments.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday Murray said he had been suspicious that opponents may have been guilty of doping as they did not appear to be getting tired.

Those remarks were described as "out of order" by Djokovic's coach Boris Becker, but the world number one provided a more measured response.

Speaking at the Laureus sports awards where he was crowned sportsman of the year, Djokovic said: "I don't share Andy's concerns.

"As long as we don't have proof that the game isn't clean, then it is clean. I've read what he said, I have a great relationship with Andy, I've spoken to him and he didn't mean specific individuals.

"It's tricky for tennis, there are many stories that go round [with] betting, doping, and it seems the weight has come down on tennis.

"But I think it all comes down to anti-doping agencies and governing bodies, [they] need to come out with proof. If they don't it's only rumours. I'm proud to be part of this sport, a sport I love and I want to keep its integrity."