Conor McGregor pulled from UFC 200


It is still unclear if Conor McGregor was serious about his tweet stating his retirement, but he definitely will not be fighting in UFC 200 in July.

UFC president Dana White confirmed to ESPN that McGregor was scratched from the marquee card because he refused to go to Las Vegas to promote the event.

"Obviously we still have a good relationship with Conor," White said.

"I respect Conor as a fighter and I like him as a person. But you can't decide not to show up to these things. You have to do it."

According to White, McGregor wanted to remain in Iceland where he was training for his UFC 200 bout against Nate Diaz.

Now, it appears staying away from his promotional duties was all for nothing.

Earlier on Tuesday, McGregor, 27, posted a curious tweet that he "decided to retire young," but it is unclear if that was a joke.