Luck still not 100 per cent recovered from 2015 injuries


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is still recovering from injuries he suffered last season.

It has been more than 150 days since Luck's disappointing 2015 NFL season ended.

Despite the downtime, Luck admitted on Monday he still is not 100 per cent recovered from the injuries that forced him to miss the final seven games.

"I still l have some work to do, certainly," Luck said, via the Colts' team website.

"That being said, you're always working to get better. You're always working to feel better. You're always working to be in better shape, to be more physically fit, so that's still a process.

"It's been a process that we laid down in basically that first week after the season ended with our trainers and physical therapists coaches and myself.

"We said, 'Alright, here's the plan. Here's the plan basically until training camp starts and let's follow this plan.' It's been a great plan so far. I feel really, really good."

Luck suffered several injuries - a lacerated kidney, torn abdominal muscle, and other rib and shoulder ailments - that still may be hampering his ability to throw the football without pain.

Luck gave reporters an ambiguous response when asked about any limitations.

"I don't have to answer that question now because we're not on the field," Luck said. "I wish I had a crystal ball and had all the answers for you."

Even though he is not 100 per cent, it sounds like Luck is going to get there before the start of the season. 

In order to stay healthy, Colts coach Chuck Pagano said Luck needs to play football like a quarterback and not "with a linebacker's mentality".

"He can't do that all the time," Pagano said on NFL Network earlier this month.

"We love how he can extend plays, but he's got to be smart and know it's OK to slide. You don't have to take some of those hits."