Savour the atmosphere - air from Bryant's final game is on sale


Fans reportedly bought $1.2 million worth of Kobe Bryant memorabilia at the Staples Center for his final NBA game, and now some online sellers are trying to capitalise on the merchandise craze by selling bags of air allegedly caught during the Los Angeles Lakers' clash with the Utah Jazz on Thursday.

There is of course no way to prove someone saved something such as air from inside the Staples Center, but that has not stopped people from bidding thousands of dollars on a plastic bag that has "air from Kobe's final game" written on it. 

The desire to have some form of memorabilia from the match is understandable, with Bryant signing his career off in spectacular style with a 60-point haul in the 101-96 triumph.

Although the listing has since been taken down, several other imitations have appeared on the same online auctioning site.