Keino confident Kenya will be deemed compliant

Two-time Olympic gold medallist Kipchoge 'Kip' Keino is confident Kenyan athletics will get its anti-doping agenda in order to ensure athletes from the African nation are able to showcase their talents at the Rio Games.

Kenya was deemed non-compliant at a WADA Compliance Review Committee meeting in Montreal this month, raising concerns for athletes preparing to compete in Brazil.

The Kenyan government has missed two WADA deadlines to pass a law for a new Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya and was given an extension until May 2 to be deemed compliant.

WADA is set to reconvene on May 12 - less than three months before the start of the Rio Games - to decide whether Kenya has done what is required of them.

Former runner Keino, the president of Kenya's Olympic Committee, is optimistic that the likes of reigning 800 metre champion David Rudisha will be permitted to compete.

He told Omnisport at the Laureus World Sports Awards: "I hope we will sort it out. The government of Kenya and the parliament of the country are now dealing with the law and we should be like any other part of the developed world. Clean the house and not use chemicals for success."

Keino added that Kenya would only have themselves to blame if they are banned from track and field events on the biggest stage of all.

"We blame ourselves, because if we cannot work with the other parts of the world I think the problem will be ourselves," he added. 

"But I think we will clean the house and come up like any other part of the world. We will work with our government, we will work with our minister concerned with sport and we want to change so there is fair play."

Keino expects Kenyan athletes to show what they are capable of providing they get the green light to board the plane.

The 76-year-old said: "I am confident, I have just come from home. We had a very interesting two days of athletes over the weekend and I was very impressed with our athletes - men and women. 

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