O'Driscoll not tempted by coaching


Former Ireland international Brian O'Driscoll is not missing the dressing room and admits he is unlikely to get into coaching since retiring in 2014.

However, O'Driscoll is less than impressed with the state of Irish rugby, particularly as a three-time European Cup winner.

Not one of Ireland's four provinces made it into this year's quarter-finals and the former Leinster centre admits he is concerned by the state of Irish rugby.

"It's a worry," O'Driscoll told the Telegraph of the quarter-finals, which consists of five England and three French teams.

"Certainly a little bit. I just think: 'How can you compete with the quality of the squads that are now being built in England and France?'

"The depth of player, the loaded benches that are being used by the Sarries, by the Toulons... even when they're not functioning brilliantly they're still winning.

"You talk about a 23-man game and it absolutely is in terms of starters and finishers.

"But now it is actually about having a 35-40-man squad. And I mean of real quality, not just delving into your academy when you've an injury crisis. And the only way you can do that is by having deep pockets."

But O'Driscoll - who earned 133 international caps - said he is not tempted to take a hands-on approach in addressing the problem, adding he is enjoying his work as a pundit.

"I really enjoy doing this because my mood isn't affected by the outcome of the weekend," he said. "Whereas as a coach it would be.

"I get my thrills differently. I have a young family and I have other interests as well.

"I don't even think if I did get into coaching it would be like for like; the playing high v the coaching high.

"I don't know for sure, but I don't anticipate it would be. Because the coaches haven't gone out there and done it. They weren't out there on the pitch with you."