Hardy: 'I've never put my hand on any women'


Nearly two years after his domestic-violence arrest, Greg Hardy still maintains his innocence.

In an interview with ESPN's Adam Schefter set to air this week, the free-agent defensive end denied any and all past accusations of domestic violence. 

The entire interview is set be released on Tuesday but a preview is scheduled to be aired on Monday.

Hardy told Schefter: "I've never put my hand on any women. In my whole entire life, no Sir. That's just not how we're raised.

"As you can tell, like I said again, it's the bible belt. It's just something that's, I wouldn't even say frowned upon, just something that's non-existent in most Southern homes."

Hardy was arrested in May 2014 after allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Holder. 

He was eventually found guilty by a judge of assaulting a female and communicating threats, but the prosecutor's office dropped the charges after Holder failed to show up to testify during a jury trial that Hardy was allowed to ask for on appeal of the judge's ruling under North Carolina law.

The prosecutor's office also said they had "reliable information" that the two sides reached a civil settlement, although no details were provided.

Hardy, who was a member of the Carolina Panthers at the time of the incident, was initially was suspended for 10 games in April last year before the ban was later reduced to four. 

Prior to his suspension Hardy was signed by the Dallas Cowboys but he created a number of on-field and off-field distractions for the team and has not been re-signed.

Asked by Schefter to explain the pictures of injures he allegedly inflicted on his ex-girlfriend, Hardy replied: "I didn't say that I didn't do anything wrong. That situation occurred and that situation was handled but ... saying that I did nothing wrong is a stretch but saying I am innocent is correct. Yes sir."

Pressed by Schefter if he ever put his hands on Holder, Hardy responded: "No Sir... No Sir."