FA to work with UKAD to investigate doping claims


The English Football Association (FA) has vowed to work with UK Anti-Doping in the wake of claims made by a British doctor that he aided players from Premier League clubs in taking performance-enhancing drugs.

The Sunday Times reported that London-based doctor Mark Bonar was secretly filmed stating he had provided athletes, including footballers, cyclists and tennis players, with banned substances, although the newspaper acknowledged it had no independent evidence of the medic providing such treatment and has made no suggestion that any clubs had knowledge of any alleged wrongdoing. 

Bonar is said to have told the newspaper he administered treatment to the athletes for medical reasons and not to enhance their performance, while it has not been suggested the substances were illegal.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester City have since denied Bonar's claims, but the FA is determined to investigate the matter and is ready to work with UKAD.

"These are very serious allegations. As such, The FA welcomes UK Anti-Doping's decision to immediately launch an independent review into the matters raised by the Sunday Times," a spokesman for the FA stated.

"The FA is fully committed to maintaining the integrity of English football and will work with UKAD and other relevant agencies in seeking to do so.  

"The FA urges anyone with information that may be relevant to come forward as soon as possible."