Ecclestone slams F1 drivers


Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone blasted drivers as "windbags" who are just echoing the interests of their teams.

Drivers have criticised the way F1 is run, particularly in the wake of the new qualifying format that proved shambolic at the Australian Grand Prix.

A letter from the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) after the season opener said "the decision-making process in the sport is obsolete and ill-structured and prevents progress being made".

An angry Ecclestone hit back at drivers at the Bahrain Grand Prix on Friday.

"They can say what they like can't they? They can't do anything," he said.

He added: "They can give an opinion. Everyone has got an opinion. Really their discussions are with their team and the team has got a voice.

"They are only saying what the teams have told them to say."

Asked if the drivers were windbags, Ecclestone said: "Some of them."