Rodriguez backtracks on retirement comments

New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez may not be retiring after the 2017 MLB season after all.

After saying on Wednesday he plans to play two more years before hanging up the cleats, the Yankees veteran pumped the brakes a bit on the comments later in the day.

"I'm thinking in terms of my contract, which ends in 2017. After that, we'll see what happens," Rodriguez told the New York Post.

"I've got two years and more than 300 games to play."

Rodriguez's clarification came after he told ESPN he was not planning on suiting up after his contract expires 2017.

"I won't play after next year," Rodriguez said. "I've really enjoyed my time. For me, it is time for me to go home and be dad."

Rodriguez will be 42 when his 10-year, $275million contract ends.

At that point, his total career earnings would be $420m, which would make him the first athlete to make more than $400m from an on-field salary.

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