Alonso bemused by 'strange' new radio restrictions


McLaren's Fernando Alonso believes the "strange" new restrictions on radio talk between teams and their drivers will not make a dramatic difference to Formula One.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) is set to introduce increased limitations on radio traffic in 2016, which will see F1 drivers severely unaided, in the hope of making the race more challenging. 

Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton said on Wednesday the rules changes will have a "big impact" on the season, but his former team-mate Alonso does not share a similar opinion.

"I don't think it's going to change much," the Spaniard said ahead of the season-opening Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

"There is quite a limited amount of things we can talk [about] over the radio now, or we can receive from the team.

"We can talk as much as we want, but with no answers I guess.

"It's strange sometimes the direction we are going in an era of communication and technology, that Formula 1 tries to restrict that thing, which is probably not a normal way to go.

"But I don't think it will give the driver a bit more power on the season, or a bit more influence on the race itself.

"Because of those limitations the strategy for the race, or the preparation for the race, will be much more strict and the discipline we will have to have in the car will be much higher, but actually I think the driver will have less room to decide things."