Anthony wouldn't accept Jackson coaching Knicks

A lot of people are excited about the prospects of Phil Jackson coming back to coach, but New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is not one of them.

The Knicks forward balked at the idea that the Knicks president would come down from the front office to the sidelines for the 2016-17 season, a concept speculated on Monday.

"Phil ain't coaching no more man," Anthony told reporters after Tuesday's practice, via "So let's dead that rumour. Phil ain't coaching no more."

Jackson has been rumoured to be interested in coaching home games while someone else, possibly interim coach Kurt Rambis, coaches the team on the road.

Anthony not only does not believe it - he does not want it to happen.

"I wouldn't accept that if that was the case," he said. "Phil is cool, man. He don't need to be on the sidelines no more. He put so many years into this game. He's cool. He don't need to be on the sideline."

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