Jones ready to unleash Tuilagi


England coach Eddie Jones is ready to unleash Manu Tuilagi against Wales in Saturday's 6 Nations clash and he is not going to weigh him down with complicated instructions.

Rather, Jones is going to Tuilagi to simply run amok when he makes his return from 21 months out with injury.

"Manu ran two lines on Tuesday and cut a hole in our defence," the Australian said. "Our defence coach Paul Gustard wasn't too happy! He's got something, that lad.

"He has power and pace and that innate rugby sense. Manu is a good rugby player and that combination of power and pace isn't a bad one.

"We haven't adapted his style for Saturday's game - I just want him to find his way. I tend to under-coach him rather than over-coach.

"I told him just to get the ball in his hands - whether it's off nine, 10 or 13. Players like him you don't want to put too many restrictions on.

"It's the same with Billy Vunipola - we don't tell him how to attack. Those sorts of players you need to give more rope and less instruction. We've told Manu to just run.

"When you look at Wales, there are massive opportunities to attack them. Every defence system has its flaws."

Jones believe it is that aggression that could unlock the potential of his England team.

"You go back to the great Ashes cricket series. When have England won Test matches?" Jones said.

"When they've had two fast bowlers - or are least one - who wants to rip every Aussie batsman's head off. To me, that is English sport.

"I'm not an Englishman but I reckon I understand what makes English sport tick and we need to be aggressive.

"Games have been played against Wales since 1881. The score is very close - it's 58-57 (to England).

"There's that intense rivalry there and you're never going to get away from that. There's this little country sitting there next to a big country. It's little brother, big brother."