ICC investigating internationals in alleged spot-fixing case

International Cricket Council (ICC) anti-corruption unit chairman Ronnie Flanagan said members of an international team have been foiled with plans to be involved in another spot-fixing incident.

Flanagan on Sunday revealed that the governing body are investigating unnamed players a matter of days before the World Twenty20 starts in India.

Several spot-fixing cases have tarnished the reputation of cricket and Flanagan said action will be taken to punish those alleged to be involved in the latest case which has come to light.

He said at a media conference in Mumbai: "It will be very difficult for me to talk about specific details about an ongoing case, but quite recently we have a reason to believe that members of a particular team have intentions to manipulate events in forthcoming matches,

"This was an international team but I am not going to go into any details because it is still under our investigation.

"Certain individuals, we believed, had intention to manipulate events to facilitate betting on those events.

"Just like police have to make these operational decisions - in terms of how long or how far you allow something to develop or when do you intervene - we decided in this particular case we would intervene immediately.

"We would focus on individuals who we suspected, but we would remind the entire squad of all their responsibilities.

"I am certain that our action in that particular case did indeed avert the intention of just one or two individuals, and we have taken action in relation to those individuals and we will be taking further action."

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