Ravens' Suggs arrested in Arizona for suspended license


Baltimore Ravens' Terrell Suggs landed in hot water with the police early Friday morning after a minor traffic accident resulted in his arrest.

The linebacker was cited for driving with a suspended license and detained in Scottsdale, Arizona, following a "single car collision".

His public relations team released a statement confirming the arrest.

"Terrell Suggs was involved in a single car collision, no one was injured. Police were called and upon speaking with Terrell found his license to be suspended for speeding tickets," the statement read.

"He was detained by the police and released a couple hours later. Terrell will let the judicial system take its course and fix his license issues."

Suggs notified the Ravens of his situation, which the franchise said they would investigate.

"Terrell made us aware of the situation and we are looking into it," Ravens' senior vice president of public and community relations Kevin Byrne said.

Clearly the arrest didn't shake Suggs too much as he appeared to make light of the situation on his Instagram, posting: "Driving with a suspended license! Street cred = 100,000 trillion. My bad."