Judge in Deflategate appeal: Brady's explanation made no sense


One of the judge's in the NFL's appeal of the Deflategate case claims some of Tom Brady's evidence "made no sense whatsoever".

The NFL appealed Judge Richard Berman's ruling last August that vacated a four-game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Brady.

The league maintains that Brady knowingly used under-inflated footballs during last year's AFC championship game that sent the Patriots to Super Bowl XLIX. 

Judge Denny Chin said on Thursday that "the evidence of ball tampering is compelling if not overwhelming," according to the Boston Globe. 

Brady also stood accused of destroying a mobile phone to get rid of texts that implicated him in a scheme to deflate footballs below the league's required air pressure.

Brady said he always destroys phones when he gets a new one for security purposes. That explanation did not sit well with Judge Barrington Parker.

"Mr. Brady's explanation of that made no sense whatsoever," Parker told the court. 

The judges' scrutiny reportedly exasperated NFL Players Association attorney Jeffrey Kessler, who is representing Brady in the case. The three-judge panel was also critical of the NFL's handling of the case and a ruling might not come for several months.