F1 needs to understand more about overtaking - Symonds


Formula One needs to spend more time to fully understand the science of overtaking, according to Williams technical director Pat Symonds.

F1 is set for a major regulations overhaul as of next year, with the aim of making the sport more entertaining to watch.

The proposal is expected to reduce lap times by three seconds, but Symonds is unsure if that will mean more overtaking during races.

"I think that's one of the concerns that people have, because none of us really fully understand overtaking," he told ESPN. 

"We can apply some truisms to it, roughly it's a truism that if you've got more downforce then it's harder to overtake, but that's not completely true because there are certain aerodynamics that are more harmful than others.

"I don't think any of us really understand enough about it and it would be nice if we did.

"I don't think what is proposed for 2017 will be disastrous in any way, the cars will be quicker but I personally don't think that will be very relevant because none of us can tell the difference in FP2 between a car on full tanks and qualifying pace; you've got four seconds per lap difference there and you can't see it without looking at the timing screens."