Jennings says Dolphins team-mate Tannehill is 'far' from elite

Miami Dolphins receiver Greg Jennings was candid in his assessment of team-mate and quarterback Ryan Tannehill, whom he believes is "far" from elite.

Tannehill has polarized opinion in the NFL, with many doubting whether the 27-year-old is the long-term solution in Miami.

The 2014 Dolphins MVP, Tannehill - who is 29-35 as a starting QB - completed 363 of 486 passes for 4,208 and 24 touchdowns last season.

Jennings was asked about his maligned team-mate and he did not hold back.

"I guess what I'm saying is he's far [from elite]," Jennings said during an appearance on ESPN's First Take.

"I'm being honest. None of us know. ... It's like he's been handcuffed. I've played with Brett [Favre], I've played with Aaron [Rodgers].

"I've played with great quarterbacks. So you can sense, you can quickly tell if one has it or not."

Jennings added that Tannehill is not good at calling audibles, indicating that his quarterback does not yet have a strong grasp of opposing defenses.

At a time when the NFL boasts few "franchise quarterbacks," Tannehill will be given time to prove himself, but 2016-17 will be a very important year in his development.

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