LaVine takes out amazing dunk contest


Zach LaVine had to pull out all the stops to come out on top in the NBA All Stars weekend dunk contest.

Even then, it almost was not enough as the Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard was pushed all the way by Orlando Magic's Aaron Gordon, in a contest that defied critics of the competition.

The dunk contest has been criticised for being predictable and boring in recent years, but LaVine and Gordon breathed new life into the contest with buckets of creativity and athleticism.

Gordon dunked over the Magic mascot, Stuff the Magic Dragon, but the judges gave the contest to LaVine for his outrageous athletic ability, which saw him make multiple dunks from the free-throw line.

Golden State Warriors stars Klay Thompson and Steph Curry faced off for the three-point contest final and it was the former that left with the trophy.

The reigning MVP could not keep pace with his team-mate as Thompson hit all five of his money balls in the final rack to accumulate 27 points, besting Curry's 23.

Karl-Anthony Towns joined Timberwolves team-mate LaVine on the winner's list as he took out the skills challenge.

Towns beat Isaiah Thomas in the final.

The All Star weekend will conclude on Sunday as East meets West in the annual All Star game.