Michelin still interested in F1 return


Michelin revealed they are still interested in a return to Formula One despite missing out on becoming the sport's tyre supplier until at least 2020.

Pirelli have been the sole F1 tyre suppliers for the past five seasons and will maintain that status until at least the end of 2019.

Despite Bernie Ecclestone choosing Pirelli over Michelin, the latter remain keen on returning to F1 in the future, as long as they switch from 13- to 18-inch wheel rims.

"We are still interested [in F1]," Michelin Motorsport director Pascal Couasnon told Autosport.

"We are not changing our position unless the series does not make sense anymore.

"If we can be relying on the spirit of a race which is a good mix of show and technology and we can demonstrate our know-how, that's fine. [But] they would have to move to 18-inch [wheel rims].

"We believe one day or the other, Formula 1 will have to move anyway. If you want to transfer technology from the track to the street, you need some similarity between the products."

Couasnon maintains that Michelin can provide a faster and cheaper tyre than any of their competitors.

"How much money does it cost to try and gain a second without tyres when we can bring 1.5s with some modification?" he added.

"We provide very constant tyres so when you test, you know that if there is a difference, it comes from a change to the car.

"So I maintain switching to Michelin costs less money than staying with competitors."