Scott unlikely MVP of NHL All-Star Game


John Scott was the unlikeliest of winners of the NHL All-Star Game MVP as it drew plaudits on Sunday.

Scott, with his five career regular-season goals, was the life of the party, even if his stay was brief at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

His controversial selection dominated All-Star headlines for the month leading into the game and ruffled the feathers of NHL executives, who conspired to have the basher stricken from the game they prefer to showcase hockey's top talent.

Fan pushback won out, and Scott repaid them with a pair of goals during Team Central's 9-6 loss to Team Pacific.

He received a standing ovation, and the crowd rose to their feet again when Patrick Kane challenged Scott to a mock fight following his second score.

"I've never been happy about losing but I'm glad I lost today," a 43-year-old Jaromir Jagr, who scored a goal himself in the first round, said of Scott.

Scott, against the odds, was named MVP in a tournament that featured the most talented hockey players in the world. 

He has now has scored more goals (two) in an All-Star Game than five-time participant Sidney Crosby (zero).

"I think it's the best possible outcome," Scott said on NBC Sports after the game, having been hoisted on the shoulders of Western Conference team-mates. 

"We had a good weekend, everybody had fun and we ended up winning, so it turned out great."

Hockey's inaugural three-on-three tournament in Nashville was a rousing success.

Team Pacific beat Team Atlantic 1-0 in the final, giving the Western Conference their win.