Cam Newton mentor defends Panthers star with inappropriate analogy


Cam Newton's mentor Warren Moon has caused a stir in Super Bowl week by using a foul comparison in an attempt to defend the Carolina Panthers quarterback.

Moon has long defended the Panthers star, claiming he is unfairly targeted due his race, an unconventional playing style and allegations that Newton was bribed to play in the SEC.

However, in his most recent attempts to take Newton's corner, Moon may have caused a stir that the MVP favourite is likely to be questioned on as he attempts to prepare for Sunday's clash with the Denver Broncos at Levi's Stadium.

"That's the thing I don't understand. How come [people] just can't let it go?" Moon told FOX Sports. 

"If he hasn't done anything that's been against the law or anything that would cause negative publicity, isn't out in the world doing something wrong except for just dancing after a touchdown, I mean what is the big deal?

"He's worked toward maturity in the last five or six years he's been in the league and has done positive things to erase a lot of that negative stuff from when he was 18, 19 years old. 

"I just don't know why people can't let all of that stuff go.

"You'd think he raped like five pastors' daughters over the last five years and he's getting away with it the way people are talking about him."