Ecclestone issues engine warning


Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone warned there will be "trouble ahead" if his proposals for cheaper engines are not agreed.

The F1 supremo has long been frustrated with the resistance to rule changes over power units, which he feels are crucial to make the sport a more level playing field.

Ecclestone wants alternative, less costly engines to replace the turbo hybrid power-units for the good of F1 in the future.

"Until we get an engine that can be built at a lot less cost, yes, there will be trouble ahead," he told BBC Sport.

The 85-year-old reiterated that he feels Mercedes head of motorsport Toto Wolff and Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne have too much power in the Formula One Commission, which rejected proposed plans for the introduction of cheaper engines last year.

He added: "If we have a meeting of the F1 Commission and these two guys decide on something, which they do together, they have enough votes to stop anything going through, so they are controlling F1.

"Frankly, if I was either of them, I would be in the same position."

Ecclestone also threw his weight behind calls from drivers for new higher-performance tyres this season.

"I have already told Pirelli that," Ecclestone said.

"The bottom line is Pirelli supply the tyres in F1, they are the tyres we should use and the teams and drivers should work with Pirelli to perfect the tyres."