Carlisle 'embarrassed for league' over Blatt sacking


Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, who called Kevin McHale's firing after 11 games "preposterous", has a similar opinion of the Cleveland Cavaliers' decision to fire David Blatt with a 30-11 record on Friday.

"I'm embarrassed for our league that something like this could happen," Carlisle told the Dallas Morning News.

"It's just bizarre. Now is Tyronn Lue going to coach the All-Star Game? It just leaves you with a bit of an empty feeling. Because Blatt's a great guy and he did a great job there."

The Cavs were 83-40 in the regular season during Blatt's tenure and now turn to Tyronn Lue to lead the team.

Carlisle said Blatt will be "highly sought-after coach this summer."

The Mavericks coach added: "The other side of it is, a good man perhaps has been liberated and is now going to have some great options and he'll find a much better situation here if he wants it.

"And a guy like him deserves that."