Djokovic shoots down 'absurd' tanking allegations


World number one Novak Djokovic has strenuously dismissed "absurd" claims he tanked at the 2007 Paris Masters, as allegations of match-fixing continue to cloud tennis.

Djokovic was responding to a report published by Italian newspaper Tuttosport, which claimed the 10-time grand slam champion purposely lost a match to Fabrice Santoro nine years ago.

The Serbian star was beaten 6-3 6-2 the day after undergoing a procedure to remove wisdom teeth.

A joint investigation by the BBC and Buzzfeed News has claimed tennis authorities failed to act upon repeated warnings regarding match-fixing involving a number of players on the professional circuit.

In a tense exchange following his straight-sets win over Quentin Halys in the second round of the Australian Open on Wednesday, Djokovic strongly rejected Tuttosport's report.

"Especially these days when there is a lot of speculations, this is now the main story in tennis, in the sports world, there's going to be a lot of allegations," Djokovic said.

"I have nothing more to say. I said everything I needed to say two days ago. You know, until somebody comes out with the real proof and evidence, it's only a speculation for me."

Pressed further on the article, an agitated Djokovic said: "What [is there] to say? I've lost that match. I don't know if you're trying to create a story about that match or for that matter any of the matches of the top players losing in the early rounds, I think it's just absurd.

"Anybody can create a story about any match. That's my point. There hasn't been too many matches where top players lost in [the] last decade or so in [the] early rounds. You can pick any match that you like that the top player lost and just create a story out of it.

"I think it's not supported by any kind of proof, any evidence, any facts. It's just speculation. So I don't think there is a story about it.

"I have nothing more to say, guys. If you have any other questions on any other subject, I'm ready to talk about this. I have nothing more to say [on the allegations]."