Injured should will not need surgery - Roethlisberger


Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has revealed he will not require surgery on a shoulder injury sustained in the playoffs.

Roethlisberger suffered a sprained AC joint and torn ligaments in his right shoulder when he was sacked by Vontaze Burfict in the Steelers' dramatic 18-16 wild-card win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

The two-time Super Bowl champion returned to lead the Steelers down the field - with the help of penalties on Burfict and Bengals cornerback Adam Jones - for the game-winning field goal on their final drive.

Despite his injuries, Roethlisberger played in the Steelers' divisional-round clash with the Denver Broncos but could not prevent Pittsburgh from slipping to a 23-16 defeat.

"It won't need surgery," Roethlisberger told 93.7 The Fan. "I guess the ligaments will, you know, scar up and heal on their own. 

"Obviously we'll be dealing with a little bit of pain and some limited movement here for a little bit but supposedly it will heal on its own. "

After the game Broncos corner Aqib Talib accused Roethlisberger of faking his injuries, describing him as "healthy as hell".

Jones had levelled a similar allegation at Antonio Brown regarding his concussion symptoms, which came about as a result of the Burfict hit that drew the first of the two crucial penalties in the win in Cincinnati.

Brown missed the loss to the Broncos and Jones later apologised to the Steelers' star wide receiver.

On Talib's accusations, Roethlisberger added: "[They're] Unbelievable, right? It makes no sense, but it is what it is.

"[Team doctors] did a good job, almost annoyingly so being in my ear every time I came off the field to check on me. 

"You know, it's just unfortunate. You know me, I'll never use an injury as an excuse. You just got to play better all-around football."