Samaranayake suspended by SLC amid links to alleged match-fixer


Fast-bowling coach Anusha Samaranayake has been suspended for two months by Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) due to apparent links with Gayan Wishvajith, who is under investigation for allegedly approaching several players for match-fixing.

SLC announced Samaranayake had been hit with the suspension on Monday in a press release that also confirmed Wishvajith, who reportedly attended national team training sessions, is barred from taking part in Sri Lankan cricket in any capacity.

The press release read: "Sri Lanka Cricket has received several complaints regarding close acquaintance of Mr Anusha Samaranayake with the main suspect Gayan Wishvajith who had approached several national players for the alleged illegal activities of match fixing. 

"Pursuant to a preliminary inquiry conducted in this regard Sri Lanka Cricket has decided to suspend Mr. Anusha Samaranayake for a period of two months until further investigations are concluded.

"Gayan Wishvajith has been totally barred in participating in any capacity whatsoever in Sri Lanka Cricket in the future."

An alleged approach made to Kusal Perera and another Sri Lanka player by a net bowler during West Indies' tour of the country in October was reported to Sri Lanka's Financial Crimes Investigation Department by the sports ministry.