Alli has to learn how to be naughty - Pochettino


Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettino admires Dele Alli's naughty side but says the teenager still needs to learn how to be smart about it. 

Alli was instrumental in Tottenham's 4-1 win over Sunderland on Saturday as the side kept up their top four position in the Premier League table.

However, Alli could have gotten himself in hot water after throwing a ball in the face of Patrick van Aanholt in a fit of ill-temper. 

Pochettino admitted he did not see the incident but will bring the youngster into his office during the week for a talking to. 

"He's very young," he said. "He needs to learn a lot. It's a little bit naughty. He's a little bit naughty. But I like how he is.

"I like how he is because you need to be a little bit naughty when you play football - but it is true that he needs to learn.

"He's young and we need to accept that he needs to learn a more professional side. He's come from MK Dons where he was playing in League One last season but his character is his character.

"He is how he is. Sometimes you need to be hard with him, sometimes you need to be friendly and give love. It's like your son.

"I will show and explain to him that it is better if he reacted in a different way. But first I need to see the incident because I didn't see it."