Djokovic only thinking about Australian Open


Novak Djokovic insists his only focus is the Australian Open ahead of the majors opening on Monday.

The Serbian won all bar one grand slam last year, just missing out on the French Open, meaning there is only one way 2016 could prove a better year for the world number one than 2015, but Djokovic is not getting ahead of himself just yet.

"It's only the beginning of the season. It's too early to talk about what I can or can't do later in the season," Djokovic said.

"I'm here to focus on Australian Open. I think, as all the players taking part in this year's first grand slam, I would like to do the best as I can and fight for the trophy.

"2015 was the best season and best year of my life undoubtedly. I enjoyed every moment spent on the court.

"I'll try to obviously carry that confidence and high level of performance that I've had, especially towards the end of the year, into the new season."

Djokovic said his focus in the off-season was balancing work with rest to ensure he could come into the Australian Open sharp and fresh.

"I've tried to recharge my batteries, spend as much time with my family as possible. I basically finished the season in London," Djokovic said.

"I had a couple weeks holidays, haven't touched the racquet. That's important. Obviously tennis is my life. I enjoy playing it. I play a lot of tennis. There are not many days in the year when I don't have a racquet in my hands.

"I actually always look forward to that off-season period because it gives me some peace and serenity, allows me to do something different, direct my attention to some other passions and hobbies, just directions of thoughts.

"That I think also then later on allows me to be fresh, to play at my best when I need to."

The Serbian's campaign starts on Monday with a first-round match against Hyeon Chung, who the world number one described as a rising star of the tennis world.

"I know that he's a tall fellow. He hits pretty solid from back of the court," he said.

"He doesn't have maybe as powerful of a serve as you would expect for his height. But I'm going to, of course, do a little bit more of analysis and research there and get myself ready.

"I mean, we talk about the pretournament, pre-season kind of mindset and approach each year. Especially having an opponent who is young, who has nothing to lose, he wants to show to the world that he deserves to be there.

"Of course, that makes it even trickier for me."