Brailsford makes case for data release


Dave Brailsford has contacted the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) to call for rivals teams to disclose performance data as he feels Team Sky are under more scrutiny than their competitors.

Team Sky released some of Chris Froome's power data during the Tour de France last year in response to suspicions over the Brit's dominance of a race he went on to win for the second time.

Brailsford believes other teams should follow suit and the Team Sky principal has let his feelings be known to UCI president Brian Cookson. 

"We feel under a lot of pressure," Brailsford said. "We get asked more than any other team about data.

"Our riders, particularly Chris [Froome], get asked more about data. The onus falls on us and whatever decision we make and how people interpret that in terms of our willingness to be open or not.

"If we all had an agreement 'right this is what we are going to do as a sport' that's a better way of thinking about it."

He added: "I've actually written to Brian Cookson about this because it strikes me on the whole releasing of data - data in terms of power, the key climbs - it seems to me that's a sport-wide issue, it's not a Team Sky issue or an issue for one rider.

"It's obviously impacting the sport and impacting a lot of people in terms of how they're interpreting a rider and the sport. That's why I wrote to Brian. It should be standardised.

"If we all agree, what I want is to take away the element of: 'Well, Team Sky are willing to do this or they're not willing to do this'.

"If we all agreed as teams that here is the disclosure model that we're all going to do, all going to buy into, it takes away that discretionary decision of we're willing to or not willing to [and then] they're open or they're not open.

"Brian has written back to say he thinks it's definitely worth discussing but it's not easy to do.

"I'd like to think we could get to a position where we recognise this is not something that's going to go away but as a sport we could address it rather than leaving it to one rider or one team. I think it would help the sport."